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Top Reality 21WHY TO USE Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate, EXPERT?

Top Reality 21

WHY TO USE Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate, EXPERT?


We understand that you know your home better than real estate agents but the question is do you know your competition better then real estate agent because this can give you a huge advantage on selling. Many times, homeowners are opting to sell their homes without the assistance of real estate professionals not quite understand all the challenges they may face. As a real estate professional, we are uniquely positioned to eliminate one of the most difficult tasks that you may face, including:


Setting the right price for home

Development of comprehensive marketing and advertising plan

Planning time required to demonstrate to potential home buyers

Identification of buyers who have both money and desire to buy a home


Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate,  experienced, professional real estate brokers understand these types of risk, and we can help you minimize different ways. With our latest technology, focuses on personal attention, customer service, actual facts in the housing market, maintain the security and integrity of the home buying  and get you top dollar for your home in the next 30 days, would you list today? 

Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate , real estate agents know that excess time is a luxury that many property owners in this market can not afford.

Working with an experienced partner such as real estate agent Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate,  which represent only your interests, can significantly increase the chances of sale / lease for your desired price.strategies to help you, as a seller, to ensure the best deal without waiting day to day

We devote many hours of training and educational programs that emphasize risk reduction, and protect the interests of our clients. Mastering The four major steps in getting your home sold are: exposure, respond to customers, negotiating and paperwork.

That is why Top Reality 21 Bratislava, Real Estate,  recommended to have an experienced real estate agent or lawyer - not a real estate dealer - prepare and review all contracts ..Also not to attempt to save on the commission.

Well, you can save part of the commission, did you know that more than 90% for sale by owner homes are sold by Realtors?\\\" FSBO\\\"So we\\\'re really talking about saving the Commission seller. Is it worth saving a small percentage of the sale price, knowing you will eliminate most of the buyers from the perspective of your home?

We are ready to meet your requirements immediately and would like to provide you with our added value kit, such as specific information on recent listings, recommendations where to move to, key issues leading to the succssful sale, technic how to best present your property tools and other resources help to demostrat the benefits of choosing us as the real estate professional. We are convince we can assist you with our expertise to save you money.


Do you have time to meet this week, so I can share a few more ideas with you?